A wonderful fishing pier with nice amenities and a good range of available species, the terrain varies here between weedy, drop offs and structure, this combination encourages many species to the area, the pier has benches on the right hand side but it is a popular spot, make sure you get there well before prime fishing time for your best chance at a good spot, if you want to make the most of the pier you will have to do some walking around.

MAIN SPECIES: Whiting, squid, snook, trevally, elephant fish, salmon

Corinella has what I consider to be three main fishing areas, the ‘inside’ that is formed from the angle where the pier forms an L, it is the weedy square area directly behind you if you are fishing from the end of the pier. Then there is the left hand side, at the end of the pier on the left corner, and the channel, which can be cast to from any point at the end of the pier, I will use some of these terms later so try to remember them! This pier is best fished at high tide but low tide fishing is also an option.


King George whiting often visit corinella, with its weed beds, sandy patches and open banks it has plenty of things to attract these delicious table fish. Whiting can be caught in the channel off of the end of the pier but can also be found on the inside and the left hand corner, high tide will bring them closer to the banks to these shallower areas. Best baits are pippies as usual, but squid and even pilchard cubes work well here too, Black Magic Whiting Snatchers are the stand out rig here. 1 oz bomb sinkers offer the best cast and rig positioning.

Snook love Corinella pier, if you walk down the steps at the rear of the pier and look underneath you will often see schools of small baitfish, I have never been to Corinella pier without catching or seeing a snook under the pier. Night time is the best time to fish for these large predators but you will generally catch at least one during the day if you work at it. While these fish are often around 50cm in length, there is no need to use big lures, their prey of choice is tiny baitfish so 2inch soft plastics are often what they will take.
At night you can tell if snook are around by their signature ‘slapping’ sound on the water’s surface, you will always here it on the edges of light patches, this is where you should
concentrate your casts, they do not often hit lures hard so I recommend a good quality line that will allow you to feel a take. I personally use Black Magic SSP followed by 6lb Black Magic Fluorocarbon. Jig heads of 1/8-1/16 will work best with the lure kept towards the surface of the water with plenty of twitches.

Corinella pier holds some wonderful squid, they are not always around but when they do show up they are often of decent table size. I use 3.0 sized jigs here, Squid Snatchers are excellent and again the red foil belly is a stand out. I catch most of my squid on the left hand corner and the inside section of the pier, make sure you let your jig sink down towards the weed beds. Fishing under a float with a silver whiting on a squid spike works well here too, if you are using both methods, drop your spike straight down as larger squid often hang around under the pier.

As is my personal rule with trevally, where there are pylons and rocks, there are trevally. If these are your target species, use a paternoster rig with pippies or pilchard, but don’t cast more than 5 metres from the pier’s pylons.

Australian Salmon often show up at Corinella, they can be a common by catch fishing for other species such as trevally and whiting. If you see them in one of their regular spots at the left hand corner, they will readily take 2-3″ soft plastics, they are weary in the clearer water and plastics should be given plenty of time to sink, they will generally be taken on the drop, use a 1/8 jig head.

If you have been spending the day at Corinella pier and followed some of these tips to land yourself some nice trevally, snook or squid, they will all make great eating with the right recipe. But if you have some to spare, try putting small cutlets and strips on a paternoster rig, use a 4 oz bomb
sinker with 3/0 Black Magic suicide hooks.

As with many other piers, Corinella gets a lot of attention, make sure to give your fellow fishermen space and report any illegal fishing activities to 13 FISH