Gunnammatta Beach surf fishing is a popular method for salmon fishermen, it produces excellent sized salmon and fishes best between May – July, lure and bait fishing are both highly productive here and a combination of both can really improve your catch for the day. As salmon are the main catch here this guide will be focused on them.

RIG: Paternoster rig, with the top hook being bait and the bottom a surf popper, this rig will kill it for you and even if your bait gets stripped you can still snag some nice fish on the popper. Weigh it down with a 4-5oz star sinker and you’re good to go, I use 2/0 suicide hook, you will still catch the smaller fish and the larger ones will be less likely to break the line. 30lb rig tying line matched with 20lb main line will do the trick.

LURES: Salmon like small, shiny and fast food, so use a shiny and fast metal lure 3-5 inches in length and 30-60 gram weight. Cast as far as you can into the gutter and reel like you’re trying to outrun the salmon, these fish are torpedoes and a quick lure is sure to get their attention. Swapping treble hooks for singles will reduce the risk of thrown hooks and the single point of force will drive the hook deeper and keep the fish on the line.

Chrome Slices and Slimwave lures are a great choice for this style of fishing

BAIT: Best baits to use include pilchards, bluebait and squid, strips of freshly caught fish are dynamite, just make sure what you use is within your legal size limit.

READING THE SURF: Salmon will concentrate their efforts in and around the gutters of the surf beach, look for breaks in the waves, as the waves disappear and pop backup, the flat gap in the middle is the gutter. We know this as the water required to form the wave will fill the gutter, and reform into a wave upon leaving the gutter, place your bait in this area, and if you have a lure rod, walk along your immediate area and focus your casts on any other gutters you see, just make sure the drag is set on your bait rod!

Darker,  calmer patches on the surf indicate gutters and deeper water, focus your efforts on these areas

TIME: High tide as usual is the way to go here, salmon will be more active during sunrise and sunset, if you can match this up with a high tide you’re on the right track.

As the sun sets, the beach fills with keen anglers looking for the hot bite

Gunnamatta can be a great place to fish, it produces best in the Winter months between May and July, anglers looking for salmon can expect good sized fish in good numbers here.

Gunnamatta Beach

Accessiblity: 7/10

Fishing Quality: 7/10

Family Friendly: Not recommended for younger children due to dangerous water