There is a reason this location profile is titled ‘Mordialloc’ rather than ‘Mordialloc Pier’, Mordialloc as a location offers three main fishing locations, with the pier being just one of them. Anglers often frequently fish the pier, beach and creek with different species available in each location. As usual, I will be splitting this guide into species.

LOCATION: Mordialloc
MAIN SPECIES: Squid, Whiting, Snapper, Bream

As is the case in squid fishing, you will need to target areas of structure and cover to entice these ambush predators to strike, you can fish around weed beds, reefy areas and the pylons of the pier. Size 2.5 – 3.0 jigs work well here, and you may want to switch up to a 3.5 if the bigger squid are around. Fish around high tide and significant tide changes, fishing will be better if these changes coincide with low light (sunrise, sunsent) or overcast skies. You will find the right of the pier to produce well as it is richer in structure and tends to hold more squid.

2.5 – 3.0 Jigs, as follows: (Night – Black or white) (sunrise/sunset – red or brown) (ovecast – UV)
I suggest the Black Magic squid snatcher range

2500 sized reel matched with a graphite spinning rod or egi rod
I suggest a Quantum Throttle 2500 matched with a Rovex Squid Specialist 8’6

Whiting can be caught from the pier, however I find the beach fishes better, as the tide rises and the light levels get lower the whiting will find the courage to move up the beach in search of an easy meal, try to aim for a combination of high tide and low light, morning is also quite productive while the sun is half risen.

Pippies, sandworm and squid, make sure they are presented in a way that allows them to hang from the hook, whiting love the movement the water creates with a hanging bait.

2500 sized reel matched with a 7 foot bait rod, use a paternoster rig or whiting snatcher.
I suggest a Rovex Revenge combo

Snapper are still around at Mordialloc Pier, mainly pinkies are caught here, fish with a paternoster rig and fresh bait, best times to fish are after strong winds. You will have to brave the cold to get a nice fish but the effort will be worth it if you persist.

Fresh squid or fish, the fresher the better.

6000 reel matched with a 12 foot surf rod, you will also need a gaff or landbased net to land your fish.

Bream hang out in the creek behind the pier at Mordialloc, as per usual bream fishing rules, you will find them concentrated near structure, bait and lures both work but make sure you fish light.

Pippies, Bass yabbies, Scrub Worms and Freshwater yabbies

2.5″ Soft plastics, rattling hardbodies and bladed lures

Fish light, graphite rods and size 2000 reels, light line is key, I use Black Magic SSP in 4kg, the breaking strain may be heavier than usual bream lines but the lightness of the line feels lighter than any 4lb braid. Use a 4-6lb fluorocarbon leader

Good luck with your Mordialloc Pier journey, and don’t forget to let us know if you catch some fish!




Accessibility: 9/10

Fishing Quality: 7/10

Family Friendly: Yes