A breakaway-style landbased fishing rig, the design of the rig allows for longer casts and better hook-up rates.


Landbased Enviro-net attachment for Tony’s Tackle products, the enviro-net features fish-friendly netting for catch and release anglers, the special netting protects the fish's slime coat and prevents fin damage. Featuring an angled pier-friendly design for landbased fishermen.


Durable, sharp and reliable, the Tony's Tackle gaff is designed to attach to the end of the Tony's Tackle handle, extra handles allow for a longer gaff, perfect for rock and pier fishing! 4 sizes available.


The landbased fisherman's must-have attachment for Tony’s Tackle products, the landbased landing net is angled, allowing you to simply lower it beneath your catch and lift it up vertically without the risk of losing your fish.