Featured in one of the earlier episodes of Oz Fish TV, this location is a favourite of ours with its unique landscape and good accessibility, it offers excellent landbased fishing for gummy shark, snapper and elephant fish. Other species can be caught here but those 3 are the main targets for most fishermen, if you are lucky you may run into a school shark or even a mulloway.

LOCATION: Corinella
MAIN SPECIES: Gummy shark, Elephant fish, Snapper

Tenby point is a flat beach, a good cast is needed and a surf rod is an essential, if you are new to this sort of fishing make sure you get a good quality outfit, while not everyone can afford top of the range gear, Jarvis Walker brands offer many great bang for bucks products such as Rovex and Fin Nor. Rig wise you have the choice of a paternoster rig or a running sinker rig, I like using paternosters as they allow me to present two baits, but the extra knots can increase the chance of losing larger fish. When you get to the car park you can fish anywhere along the beach, but the most popular locations are the rocky area to the right and the less used space to the left, I personally like to walk left and fish by the pylons. Due to the rocky terrain a metal rod holder often works better than a PVC option.

Gummy shark
The main target species at Tenby Point, gummy sharks often frequent the area as the combination of rocky terrain and mud flats holds many sources of food for them. I find pilchard and squid to work well here, try using a pilchard and adding a tentacle for extra smell, or if you can get to the bait before your mate cut off the candles (the longest tentacles) those are gummy sharks’ favourite part as they are softer but full of flavour, they also present wonderfully. Use 6/0 – 8/0 circle hooks depending on bait size.

Elephant fish
To fish for elephant fish, you will need to be at Tenby Point from February to May, this is the peak period for them in the area, like gummy sharks, pilchard and squid will work well, the fresher the better, 5/0 hooks on a paternoster rig will have you catching elephant fish in no time!

Like most landbased locations,Tenby point can produce snapper after strong winds, there is a channel far from the point, and high tide combined with strong winds can be enough to encourage the fish up to feed on the scraps and food items pushed up to the beach, they are not a common catch here but you can find them if you put in the hours, and you might catch other fish in your attempts!

Like most places, there is no secret to Tenby point but hard work and dedication, put in hours and you will reap the rewards.

Good luck!